We encourage our staff and guests to use water scarcely due to the fact the Stone Town has exceeded its water usage capacity due to weak infrastructure and a growing community. We also partially collect rainwater during the monsoon seasons to reduce water consumption. To save water and plastic packing material, we use handmade ‘soap’ bars made by a Women’s. Community Project called Dada, which serves as a Soap, Shampoo & a Body Scrub.


How we do business reflects the business itself. Integrity and ethical behavior have been and continues to be the foundation of our business operation. Our staff is 99% Zanzibaris as part of our policy to train and hire local, including management positions. Most of our purchases are local to support local farmers including providing educating them in business growth. Our supply chain is direct eliminating any ‘middleman’ in support of small business owners
We believe this is a step forward to strengthen the local economy; providing business and job opportunities for our community members.


We recycle based on the available facilities on the island.


We believe in protecting and preserving our environment, and we encourage our staff and guests to do the same.


Our hotels utilizes solar power for hot water. We have introduced ‘evening breeze’ as a pilot project in hope to reduce energy consumption from air conditioners.


We have introduced a ‘wildlife progamme’ at Emerson Spice to protect some of the bird species in Stone Town from going extinct. Our programme ensures to feed the birds on a daily basis and has created nesting places in the Secret Garden.